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As Americana and nostalgia for the past have come into favor, iconic American brands are being reborn in the cities where they first achieved fame. For one hundred years Esterbrook was the pride of Camden, NJ.

The Estie is a tribute to Richard Esterbrook and the much-loved brand he built.

The pen’s classic style harkens to the 1930’s, a time when fountain pens were an integral part of how Americans communicated. As a celebration of the interchangeable nib system of the Esterbrooks of the 1930’s, the Estie comes with a modern nib, but can be adapted using the specially engineered MV Nib Adaptorto use your Estie with the full range of vintage Esterbrook nibs.

Old meets new. Esterbrook endures.

Martin Pens 51 is an Authorized Dealer of Esterbrook pens and writing instruments.


The colors are Cobalt Blue, Tortoise, Black, Evergreen, Honeycomb and Lilac

Regular Estie $155.00. Please let us know if you want a EF, F, M or B

Oversized Estie $200.00

MV Adaptor $35.00

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Regular, Oversized, MV Adaptor


Cobalt Blue, Tortoise, Black, Evergreen, Honeycomb, Lilac